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COVID-19 Coronavirus PSA - "Be Safe"

The Poyzen Foundation and Cineplay Studios, have joined together to produce a PSA about the deadly Virus known as the COVID-19  Coronavirus . In these desperate times, we must all come together and do our part in keeping each other safe.


#BESAFE2020 Cast
Thomas Smith
Annie Carney Smith
Chloe Cahill
Stu Li
Alana Ramos
Angel Alamo
Nancy Cejari
Seira Kiyono

The Making of #BESAFE2020

The actors that contributed to the PSA did so via Self-tape while in self-isolation.  They are all from productions that are currently on hold and being produced  by CINEPLAY, one of the sponsors of the PSA.  Lorenzo Anderson, who wrote and Narrated the PSA is also the writter for the series that the actors appear in.  Sondra Anderson, whos Non-profit Organization, The Poyzen Foundation, the lead sponsor for the PSA, is also a Casting Director in NYC and has worked with all of the actors. 


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The Poyzen Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization, whose mission is to create more opportunities and training for aspiring women filmmakers.  For more details visit:  http://poyzenfoundation.org

Cineplay Studios, is a New York City based Video Production Agency. For more details, visit:  http://cineplaystudios.com

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