Volume Studios

Film and Video Production

Set Design and Construction

Film and Video Services:

Whether you need a full crew for your next film project or just run and gun videographer, we can provide professional services to get the job done.  

Corporate Videos, Indie Feature Films, Short Films, Web Series, TV Series, Commercials, Wedding Videography and Photography,  Social Media Videos, Marketing Videos, Actor Reels, Scene Creation, Music Videos, Fashion Videos, Model Films, Crowdfunding Videos, Live Evnets, Website Design and Management, Set Design and Construction and more...



Casting, Location Scouting, Video Insurance, Video Permits, Set Design,  Scheduling, Film Budgeting, Video Props, Video Producer, Set Construction, Scriptwriting...



Directing, Producers, Camera Operation, Videographers, Cinematographers, Lighting, Actors, Sound Recording, Hair and Makeup, Drones, Production Management...



Video Editing, Audio Mixing, Color Correction, Video Visual Effects, Sound Design, Closed Captioning, Subtitles, Video Titles, Motion Graphics, Logo Design, Voice Over, Video Encoding, Client Approvals, Video Delivery


Set Design and Construction:

Full set design and construction.  We have worked on sets for MTV, MOMA, Chanel, Oral B, and many other indie projects.  Film sets, sound stage construction, CYC Walls, Sound Proofing, Set Carpentry

Please contact us for additional services and to discuss your needs : email: volumestudionsny@gmail.com

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